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We are MGA’s for most of the companies we represent and do total administration; sales, underwriting, and pay claims. We are primarily a wholesaler, and welcome inquiries from other insurance professionals.

We are experts in the special risk Accident and A & S field for schools, colleges, camps, amateur athletic teams and leagues, groups and organizations, and the Agents and Brokers we deal with depend on us, and our expertise, to provide them and their clients with the best plans and service available; and we do this with flying colors!

The service we have afforded our client agents in the past 27 years has enabled us to establish a large group of agents and brokers who feel a partnership-like affinity with us, and depend on us to be their special risk expert arm with their clients.

We would be very happy to provide this same level of service excellence to you and your clients. Please fill out the form below, and we will add you to our mailing list. If you have any specific requests or requirements right now, please include a note in the space allotted, or fill out a quote questionnaire for the particular risk you have.

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