College accident and sickness insurance by Bob McCloskey Insurance.College Student Accident and Sickness insurance plans are very important factors for the students just starting on their college careers. Young adults, leaving home, probably for the first time, to attend college, may also be reaching the age where they are no longer covered by their parents’ health insurance program. In order to afford them the opportunity of protecting themselves from financial hardship or financial disaster, due to unexpected and uninsured medical bills, all colleges provide an accident and sickness plan for their students.

In some cases, plan participation is on a strictly voluntary basis. However, in most cases the college will use some sort of waiver system, whereby all students in the college are insured under the plan and are billed for the coverage with their semester billing. If they have valid coverage under another plan, they can provide proof of coverage, and “waive” off the college insurance plan, and have the premium refunded.

NOTE: Many states now require that all full time college students have medical and hospital coverage, so the “hard waiver” system assures conformance to the state regulations.

These plans are unique and designed especially for each college. In order to get a proposal, certain information is needed, including, but not limited to the name of the school (of course!), copies of the last three year’s student insurance brochures (which outlines the coverage, benefits and limitations) and three year’s premium and loss (claims paid) information.

Attached is a questionnaire, which you can use to request a proposal. If you have any special requirements, like increasing some benefits or adding a deductible or for any other questions please Call Our Office at our toll free number and ask for Ext. 101.



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