As the Exclusive Accident Insurance Partner of the National Christian College Athletic Association, Bob McCloskey Insurance is ready to assist in finding insurance solutions for your athletic programs and beyond. With over 40 years of experience in the student accident and collegiate sports accident insurance space, BMI continues to advocate for students and athletes.  In addition to providing the athletic catastrophic accident coverage to all non-dual affiliated NCCAA institutions, we also work with many of the NCCAA members for base accident coverage for their athletes and/or students – if you are already a BMI client, we thank you, and hope that you are extremely satisfied with your experience. If you are not a current client, we would love to speak with you about how we may be able to help!

Over the years, the BMI team has been a proud sponsor/participant of the NCCAA, with things like the NCCAA Pro-Am, the NCCAA Golf Tour, the NCCAA Convention and the Victory Bowl – experiences such as these have allowed us to turn business relationships into close friendships, and has shined a light on the blessings that God has provided by allowing us to become a small piece of the NCCAA puzzle.

  • “Since 2008, Bob McCloskey has provided Catastrophic Protection for our NCCAA members to ensure that each student-athlete is protected if and when they experience a life-changing injury. This relationship led to BMI providing a variety of coverages to our membership. BMI understands the small college environment and meets their needs with individual solutions instead of offering cookie-cutter products.  From international student plans to GAP plans that help reduce out-of-pocket expenses for institutions, BMI has become a partner with our members as much as with the NCCAA. However, it is the heart of Bob McCloskey himself that still resonates within the relationship that BMI and the NCCAA share. Caring for others and investing in each other is the real blessing of the BMI & NCCAA partnership.  From their support for our NCCAA Convention and our Victory Bowl event to participation in various donor functions, the entire team at BMI are now friends more than business partners. BMI is the perfect blend of value meeting values!”

    Dan Wood
    Dan Wood NCCAA Executive Director
NCCAA Catastrophic Program

All NCCAA only affiliated members are automatically enrolled in the NCCAA Catastrophic Accident Medical Insurance Program, provided through Bob McCloskey Insurance.

  • Catastrophic Coverage underwritten by United States Fire Insurance Company
    • $5,000,000 Medical Maximum
    • 10-year Benefit Period
    • $25,000 per injury deductible
    • $1,000,000 Catastrophic Cash Benefit
    • $10,000 AD&D Benefit
    • Additional Plan Information in the NCCAA CAT Policy Document

View a copy of the NCCAA Catastrophic Policy

NCCAA Basic Insurance Program
  • Ability for BMI to approach several A rated carriers to provide quote options for your base plan coverage. This allows BMI to provide the most comprehensive coverages at the most competitive premiums, while seamlessly administering all base and catastrophic claims in house for your program.
  • Fully Insured and Self-Insured Programs
  • High and Low Deductible Plan Options
  • Deductible Administration Services
  • Specific coverage for sports exposure including:
  • HMO/PPO and Expanded Medical Benefits
  • Pre-Existing Condition and Heart & Circulatory Benefits
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment Benefit
  • Guest & Recruit Coverage

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Download the NCCAA Sports Insurance Program Brochure

Club & Intramural Insurance Program

Exposures for club and intramural programs can be included as a separate class within your basic accident policy, or a separate policy can be written to insure your club and intramural programs.

Catastrophic Accident Insurance for your club & intramurals is also available. Outside of the NCCAA Intercollegiate Sports Catastrophic insurance program, you should also consider providing catastrophic coverage for your club and intramural sports programs. These programs are often overlooked from an insurance standpoint by institutions, but when you consider the programs offered at schools, such as club rugby, lacrosse, soccer or hockey, you have very high-risk exposures on campus that should be addressed.


International Student Health Insurance

International students often carry travel insurance or health coverage from their home country, which does not properly insure the student within the U.S, or more specifically while participating in College athletics. BMI can provide you with a health insurance plan for your international students and/or student-athletes that specifically provides benefits for intercollegiate sports related injuries. This coverage can be procured and paid for by the institution, or individual enrollment and payment can be done by students.


Primary/Uninsured Athletic Accident Plans

The BMI Team understands the ever-changing health insurance landscape, and the impacts these changes are having on an institution’s claim experience. An innovative primary accident insurance plan for Collegiate Uninsured & Underinsured Athletes from BMI could be your solution to reducing accident medical insurance premiums for your ICS program. This plan will cover all uninsured athletes (including international student-athletes) for accidental injuries, 24/7.


Mandatory Student Accident Insurance

An innovative approach to containing the rising cost of insurance premiums for colleges & universities while providing a tangible benefit to all students is the implementation of a Mandatory Student Accident (MSA) plan.

A MSA plan will provide valuable protection to all students, while also saving the college or university a significant amount of money by greatly reducing the Intercollegiate Sports Accident Insurance (ICS) policy’s paid claims. As we are all aware, nationally there is still an underinsured and uninsured group within the student population. Even students with health insurance are facing an increasing amount of out of pocket responsibility, resulting from higher deductibles, copays and coinsurances. MSA plans provide vital accident coverage for students without health insurance, while filling in the gaps for those with health insurance.

MSA plans benefit all students, not just athletes, while also protecting the school. These plans afford the school peace of mind knowing there is a layer of coverage in place for everyone, and this acts as a first line of defense of claims to the GL policy.

Coverage Extends To:

  • General Campus Accidents, Slips and Falls
  • Club & Intramural Sports
  • Campus Clubs
  • Intercollegiate Sports
  • Co-Ops, Internships & Externships
  • Campus Events & Activities
  • Travel To & From Campus


High-Limit Accidental Death & Dismemberment

Collegiate Athletic Departments should consider this coverage to not only increase AD&D limits on their traditional sports accident insurance for their athletes, but broaden the coverage for coaches, staff, administration and others involved in the athletic department such as donors and guests. We can obtain limits as high as $250,000 per covered person.


Academic & Sport Camp, Clinics & Special Event Coverage

Participant Accident Insurance and General Liability Coverage for your camps and clinics as well as any special events you run, are essential coverages for the protection of your group or organization.

Insurance is Available for:

  • Sports Camps & Clinics
  • Academic Camps
  • Special Events


Contingency & Event Cancellation


Pulling off a successful event takes a whole lot of time and effort. But just one unanticipated incident can result in devastating financial losses for a promoter or producer. We develop holistic protection plans that address the big picture and often-overlooked nuances of event risk and coverage.

Coverage options include:

  • Event cancellation.  This coverage protects event expenses and revenue against cancellation, postponement, rescheduling or abandonment caused by reasons beyond anyone’s control. Reasons like adverse weather, earthquakes, terrorism, communicable disease or venue unavailability.
  • Non-appearance coverage. We can add this coverage to your event cancellation policy to provide protection for when your athletes or performers miss a scheduled event. Perils such as accidental injury, illness and death are included and can extend to immediate family.
  • Prize indemnity. This insurance covers the costs of monetary awards or prizes for a variety of special events and contests like full-court basketball shots, TV game show contests, corporate or charity-sponsored competitions, and other promotional activities. We also provide surety bonds for games of chance.
  • Contract bonus coverage. If you’re a corporate sponsor, sports team or entertainment organization that added a financial incentive into a professional athlete’s or entertainer’s contract to fulfill a certain goal, you’re taking a risk. We’ll move the risk from you to an insurance carrier.
  • Promotions & awards. Sometimes a promotion works a little too well. We put policies into place that enable a sponsor or organization to fulfill a promotion’s promises without harming their bottom line.
  • Weather/rain insurance. Weather is the biggest unknown when you’re working outside. We’ll determine which elements you’re likely to face and structure a cost-effective insurance policy that recoups losses



With BMI You Get

  • Knowledge, Expertise & Industry Experience
  • Ability to Access Quotes from over a half dozen ‘A’ Rated Insurance Carriers
  • Cost Analysis and Plan Consulting
  • BMI Benefits, LLC. – our in-house Claims Administration services
  • Medical Cost Containment Services
  • Customized Claim Reports
  • 24/7 Claims Web Portal – Claim Status & Claim Submission
  • Dedicated Claims Examiner
  • Insurance Info Cards
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